ARUNDELL, John (1678-1706)

ARUNDELL, John (1678–1706)

suc. fa. 21 June 1698 (a minor) as 3rd Bar. ARUNDEL OF TRERICE

First sat 11 Feb. 1701; last sat 30 Dec. 1701

b. 25 Feb. 1678, s. and h. of John Arundell 2nd Bar. Arundell of Trerice, and Margaret Acland. educ. unknown. m. Jane (d.1744), 6th da. of William Beaw, bishop of Llandaff, and Frances Bowsie, at least 2s. d. 24 Sept. 1706; will 13 July, pr. 3 Dec. 1706.1

Dep. lt. Cornw. bef. 1702-d.2

Associated with: Trerice, Cornw.

Arundell came of age in time to take his seat at the opening of the first session of the 1698 Parliament. He did not do so. He did not attend any sittings of that Parliament at all. He attended just four days of the first 1701 Parliament and a single day (the opening of the session on 30 Dec.) of the second 1701 Parliament. Whether his absences were caused by a lack of political ambitions and interests or poor health is unknown. Unusually for a peer he chose to marry a bishop’s daughter rather than a fellow aristocrat. Nevertheless, his death at the age of only 28 in 1706 was allegedly caused by self-imposed starvation resulting from his anguish when his mistress married another.3


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